Hippie Killer is a very potent and speedy strain, topped off with a surprising amount of flavor. A hearty mix of White Widow crossed with Brazilian Indica make Hippie Killer a sweet but deadly crop.

A hybrid, Hippie Killer harbors both THC and CBD in a delicate balance of power and pleasure. Almost immediately after taking the first hit Hippie Killer unleashes a strong psychoactive blast that will send you up, up and away. With the THC in full force, the high moves from its cerebral phase into a more physical one. Soon your eyelids become heavier and your body reaches a state of pure relaxation. It is at this point that Hippie Killer’s CBD powers take shape.

Hippie Killer’s dazzling array of flavors make smoking her an absolute pleasure. Cannabis connoisseurs will notice that her potent platter is brimming with both spicy and fruity promise. Perfect for sharing among friends, Hippie Killer can bring any social gathering to life.


Spicy, Fruity, Sweet


Euphoric, Relaxing


Pain, Anxiety, Depression